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Miss Jiffy @ Friday, May 11th 2007, 8:47 PM
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I'm suprised...I am okay with this one. Lately I've been crappy with my art...or I just haven't been pleased, but I am with this.

Cherokee is my friend's character which is in the same rp as the one I always draw. This is how I envision him, though she seems to picture him differently. (Don't tell her...but I like mine better. x3)

Colored in PS 7.0 with the simple brush tool on low opacity, and then covered with a texture from,

He makes me "scream" because I love him so much? Yah! So there you big bad topic! :]

(Note: Sorry for reuploading...didn't know how to change the picture...D: And thanks ELG for the warning. Haha. Appologize once again. ^^;; )

(Uploaded by Miss Jiffy)
Evil Lawn Gnome @ Friday, May 11th 2007, 8:55 PM
:D Lovely coloring, I like the eye!