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Miss Jiffy @ Thursday, December 20th 2007, 8:50 PM
My semester is over! I am so happy! NO MORE AP STUDIO GAIZ! XD Ugh that class was so much work...glad I took it though, got lots of pieces now.

Nozomu and Hikaru...after neglecting them for some time. D: Nozomu likes kitties and cute things. Hikaru thinks they are disgusting. Someone gave them a cat for Christmas. He thinks it's the best thing ever and Hikaru is about to spazz out. :D So I guess it could suit BOTH themes! :D Or something...

It's a it's not that good. But I needed something SORT OF Christmasy. Haha and pardon the ugliness of my cat. I can't draw animals worth a piece of doody.
mixel @ Thursday, December 20th 2007, 11:35 PM
I really love the kitten design! It's not a generic manga kitten, it's a sorta super cute blob-kitten instead. Which wins!

The tones are great (the underlighting is really interesting) though the green/red dress strobes like crazy on my screen for some reason lol.