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[1754] [Comment] Artist: Mastermind | Title: KakashiScetch | Time: 39m 51s
Pic #1485

ShiPainter Pro
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Mastermind @ Saturday, July 7th 2007, 5:40 PM
like it, somehow... :rolleyes:

loss: humanity

PS: hope u don't see this one as spam T-T it IS finished (in my eyes, anyway) ;o;

(Edited on July 7, 2007, 5:47 pm)
Mastermind @ Saturday, July 7th 2007, 7:49 PM
yeah, u got me *gg* *blush*

mh... now u said it. his arm looks a bit strange. quess i messed up something with the perspectiv, his ellbow supposed to be behind his head. i think i 'planted' his arm to high or sth :P (fixed it a bit but it didnt look any better XD)

[1753] [Comment] Artist: Saffron | Title: A little boy | Time: 18m 59s
Pic #1484
(Click to enlarge)

ShiPainter Pro
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Saffron @ Saturday, July 7th 2007, 4:22 PM
That's it! I can't get the program to do what I want, I'm going to configure Photoshop....

By the way, procedure to get lines of varying width:
- Install JTablet
- When wanting to use it with the pen in (this version of, the previous version was fine)Shi Painter Pro:
first select the pen tool, close the brush menu, press the "P" at the top right of the canvas, there is your pressure sensitivity menu, finish all of your lineart, note that you've gotta do all your lineart at once, with help from the undo button only, so no making a sketch, no eraser... once you're entirely done with your lineart, close the pressure sensitivity menu (after you've turned off all the radio buttons) and proceed like your normally do. Note: don't let your browser lose focus, or the pressure sensitivity will not work anymore until you restart Shi Painter Pro. This also happens by the way when you use the main menu even once after you've used your pressure sensitivity for the first time; you only get one shot. Happy drawing!
Mastermind @ Saturday, July 7th 2007, 4:32 PM
uhw~aaa! thanks so much for the hint!!! &gt;.&lt;

[1739] [Comment] Artist: Koiyu | Title: Rey | Time: 13h 14m
Pic #1474
(Click to enlarge)

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Koiyu @ Thursday, July 5th 2007, 3:49 PM
Wassuppp! I have not oekakied in a while so pardon the crappy-ness. I got a tablet! Yay Anyways, I left it over night so the timer lies. This is Rey from a manga thatI'm working on. His fur thing is messed and the hood looks super weird................

[1737] [Comment] Artist: browneyedwingly | Title: Floating Head | Time: 1h 2m
Pic #1472

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browneyedwingly @ Thursday, July 5th 2007, 2:50 AM
Ode to the floating anime/manga heads that spam the 'kakis of the world.... :P

Speaking of spammage... Sorry 'bout spamming. I couldn't sleep, so I figured I'd do a 'lil oekaki-ing.
browneyedwingly @ Thursday, July 5th 2007, 8:34 PM
Yup yup the text tool is awesome. ^^ The Japanese means "floating head"
Darryl @ Friday, July 6th 2007, 1:09 AM
Floating heads of Japanese Destruction!! They shall lay waste to entire websites!!

Saffron @ Friday, July 6th 2007, 2:53 AM
Amen to that XD though my version would have been a little different...
browneyedwingly @ Friday, July 6th 2007, 2:10 PM
Hahaha... ^^ Seeing that floating anime/manga heads annoy the buh-jeezes outta me, I don't know why this is so happy lookin, but I guess that was the lack of sleep gettin' to me. :P
Mastermind @ Saturday, July 7th 2007, 10:27 AM
phaha! so true! :lol: 100 points for this pic! XD

[1736] [Comment] Artist: browneyedwingly | Title: Lost | Time: 2h 29m
Pic #1471

ShiPainter Pro
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browneyedwingly @ Wednesday, July 4th 2007, 4:09 PM
Spiders.... *shudder* :P

--I made the canvas size a lil too big and my bg is kinda boring, but oh well. At least I attempted a normal bg! :P --
Darryl @ Wednesday, July 4th 2007, 8:09 PM
Ah hah hah, Classic. Bleach cleans all your problems away! :lol:
browneyedwingly @ Wednesday, July 4th 2007, 9:14 PM
only one problem... leaves bleach spots on the carpet :P
Miss Jiffy @ Wednesday, July 4th 2007, 11:01 PM
Hah, bleach? You use a large shoe and smash those nasty things to their death. At least...that's the more destructive way of killing them.

I like your use of tones, but the placement of the figure seems it should be up more, to fill the negative space more...ya know? But it's a minor thing. x3

I wish I had a view like that from my window. u__u;
browneyedwingly @ Thursday, July 5th 2007, 1:37 AM
Haha, blame the bleach on Darryl. It was his idea :D

Yeah, I was going to try and put her whole body in the frame, but couldn't get the feet to look right, so I scrapped that idea.

I wish I had a view like that out my window too! Haha, that's my poster of "A Sudden Shower at Ohashi" by Ando Hiroshige. :P

[1696] [Comment] Artist: Darryl | Title: Death from avobe!!! | Time: 4h 41m
Pic #1441

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Darryl @ Tuesday, July 3rd 2007, 4:22 AM
Steve Purcell, one of the major influnces on my childhood. Also one of the leading reasons as to why I'm a socially-inept recluse, with an embittered veiw of society's prevalent circumstances.

Sam &amp; Max © (the renowned &amp; talented) Steve Purcell
Saffron @ Tuesday, July 3rd 2007, 6:40 AM
Yay! :D Sam and Max are the greatest!
What's the story behind this move?
Evil Lawn Gnome @ Tuesday, July 3rd 2007, 7:30 AM
Haha, omg this is excellent.
Darryl @ Tuesday, July 3rd 2007, 11:12 AM
Saffron the story is I had just watched all the their animated series in one night, and wanted to draw max in a pink dress &amp; a wig being repelled down something with an uzi... I never though any further ahead.
edit: its public now if anyone wants to recolour
browneyedwingly @ Tuesday, July 3rd 2007, 9:10 PM
w00t! Kick ass Darryl, kick ass. :D I'm lovin' the colours too.... why would anyone wanna change it?! :P
Saffron @ Wednesday, July 4th 2007, 3:54 AM
Hmm, I only know the computer games, the old one a little better than the new ones. I should watch the animated series :D It looks like Max is going to shoot the kindergarten teacher behind the window in a tutu because... he likes to!
Darryl @ Wednesday, July 4th 2007, 12:58 PM

Sam and Max the complete Cartoon series is avalible for viewing on Gametap. Yeah the old one was great, new ones are trying to be more PG than shoving max in the water and using him to short out the breaker on the Ride.

[1724] [Comment] Artist: Saffron | Title: Happy Pressure Sensitivity! | Time: 34m 41s
Pic #1462
(Click to enlarge)

ShiPainter Pro
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Saffron @ Saturday, June 30th 2007, 5:13 PM
I wish I had a pen in real life that could vary in line width like this ^^
Sorry about not cleaning up the messiness.
Coral @ Saturday, June 30th 2007, 7:34 PM
She's so cute and happy I can't help but smile when I look at this. I really love the highlight on her hair for some reason- it grabs my attention. Nice job.
Koiyu @ Thursday, July 5th 2007, 3:53 PM
OMg! How'd u get it to be so varried?????????
Vicktory @ Friday, July 13th 2007, 11:07 AM
Beautiful solids, it looks like it could be an illustration or something. To get a look like this on paper I use calligraphy pens, it's a world of trouble if you mess up with those, though @_@
What a cute expression she has on!
Saffron @ Thursday, December 20th 2007, 7:04 PM
Some people can work magic with just a marker ^^

[1712] [Comment] Artist: Mastermind | Title: Abarai Renji - Yakuza Style | Time: 1h 55m
Pic #1452

ShiPainter Pro
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Mastermind @ Tuesday, June 26th 2007, 11:23 AM
uh yeah... some fanart of bleach...
i love this guy :P
browneyedwingly @ Tuesday, June 26th 2007, 11:49 AM
Abarai Renji! w00t! I love this pic and your use of tones is flippin awesome :)

(Renji is my favourite character on Bleach, so ye made meh day ^^)
Coral @ Tuesday, June 26th 2007, 2:41 PM
I've been watching a lot of Bleach lately so I was really exited to see this picture.

I love the limited color scheme and Renji looks so sexy with his smirk :)

[1708] [Comment] Artist: Evil Lawn Gnome | Title: Be gone :O | Time: 45m
Pic #1449

Evil Lawn Gnome @ Monday, June 25th 2007, 3:58 PM
Kills ankle biters and any form of "you", whomever "you" may be.

Used MS Paint... &gt;_&gt; Kept coloring simple on purpose, may touch it up later though :'D.

(Uploaded by Evil Lawn Gnome)
Mastermind @ Tuesday, June 26th 2007, 9:08 AM
u make me laugh so much with this piece :lol:
WiggedOut @ Wednesday, June 27th 2007, 4:31 PM
oh, that would come in handy. Considering I have cootie bugs that eat your ankles. on the floor in my room. :cry:
I love the simple coloring. whatever.

[1681] [Comment] Artist: WiggedOut | Title: Ninny | Time: 4h 24m
Pic #1429
(Click to enlarge)

WiggedOut @ Friday, June 22nd 2007, 7:42 PM
Hi, I'm back. woooo.
So, this has been insanity to do. the first time I did it it took about 2 hours. then I added some to it. that took about a half an hour. and then I completely re-did it and that took about 3 hours. so all together I put 5 1/2 hours into this. And I'm still not completely satisfied with it. Sorry the lines are so... weird, with blue showing up a tad in certain areas. I had safety saved it and forgot that it wouldn't save the layers. The smart choice would be to go over it again on layer 1. But no, I did it all on layer 0.
But other than that... it's pretty okay, right? :/
I am awful at backgrounds, I knew I would completely ruin it . If I were to add one, so if you'd like to add one or mess with it a bit. you can.
This is one of my many characters, her name is Ninny and she's the only one drawn in a more... anime style. she's a pin up girl who is also a samurai. yeah. cool.

edit: I darkened the lines, decided against erasing the older lines. The face looks somewhat disgusting, but that's how I like it. :]
WiggedOut @ Friday, June 22nd 2007, 7:49 PM
Thanks, that's what I love about the girls who did pin-up and such. They had bodies. They weren't what 'models' are now.
I worked so hard on getting the pose correct, so thank you so much.
mixel @ Saturday, June 23rd 2007, 12:10 PM
^^ I'm with them on the anatomy, is very nice! The outfit and pose, likewise. The tonal shading reminds me of old print comics..

Thanks for cleaning up the linework some too. Anatomy wise, only thing that looks a bit odd to me is her left calf, which is extremely pronounced, though i could easily be a stylistic thing.
WiggedOut @ Wednesday, June 27th 2007, 4:24 PM
her left claw. well that was a lost cause. ):
I'm the worst when it comes to hands and feet.
i just decided that she only had 3 fingers on that hand, and that is why it look so funny. 8D

and thank you everyone for the comments and critiques.

[1690] [Comment] Artist: Coral | Title: No Title | Time: 5h 19m
Pic #1437

[View Animation]
Coral @ Wednesday, June 20th 2007, 9:37 PM
My OC, Gabriel, taking a nap outside when he should be working.
Evil Lawn Gnome @ Thursday, June 21st 2007, 12:44 AM
Hahah! I love this!! :3 (I'm a huge fan of white hair ; ; ).

Also, the perspective and the neat little fish-eye effect X3 (I think you know what I mean?)
Mastermind @ Tuesday, June 26th 2007, 3:40 PM
nice perspectiv :)
and as always i love the colors u used!

i think his hands in the pockets are bit too small and his right (our left) leg a bit too big, otherwise i like the pic very much ^^

[1682] [Comment] Artist: browneyedwingly | Title: Kat | Time: 2h 44m
Pic #1430

ShiPainter Pro
[View Animation]
browneyedwingly @ Tuesday, June 19th 2007, 11:21 PM
For ye Mix. I was goin' to look at the comic to remind myself of who the characters for the topic were... then I decided to check out some of your art, and one of the random pics on the side was the one of Kat at your wedding with her hair down... and well I thought it was absolutely gorgeous, so I drew it (sorta).

Hope ye like it! :)
Darryl @ Wednesday, June 20th 2007, 2:17 AM
:o Very Nice.
mixel @ Wednesday, June 20th 2007, 9:32 AM
Thankye! She did look pretty amazing, yeah. :D Thats so nice.. Lovely green/red balance. And yay!

I'm pretty sure she'll like it too. ^^ TY muchly!

[1679] [Comment] Artist: Darryl | Title: Oh he's a Lumber Jack... | Time: 5h 21m
Pic #1427

Darryl @ Tuesday, June 19th 2007, 6:46 PM
If you think this is sick, you should see the Fur trader on the east side of the enchanted woods.
browneyedwingly @ Tuesday, June 19th 2007, 10:04 PM
Darryl @ Wednesday, June 20th 2007, 3:16 AM
I blame you for this picture Browneyedwingly, It started out from that silly convo.
browneyedwingly @ Wednesday, June 20th 2007, 8:15 AM
Hahaha, which convo? :P We have had quite a few odd ones :lol:
mixel @ Wednesday, June 20th 2007, 9:27 AM
.. You're crazy Darryl, this is .. insanely great. XD I love the detail you put in to your recent stuff.
Saffron @ Thursday, June 21st 2007, 3:06 PM
Lumberjack theme? Could this because of the holy grail picture?

I love it! ^^ The trees are so cute somehow. (Why is it adulted? Surely swearing is allowed on here..?)

Oh look a bunny!
Darryl @ Thursday, June 21st 2007, 7:25 PM
Its adulted because of Dark humor and swearing.

[1664] [Comment] Artist: Darryl | Title: 64x128 kn0i sprites | Time: 2h 49m
Pic #1416

[View Animation]
Darryl @ Sunday, June 17th 2007, 1:06 AM
Why yes I did draw is the sterotypical graffiti title! I tried to make them stand out with bright colours.

Crits &amp; Tips encouraged.
mixel @ Sunday, June 17th 2007, 6:06 AM

Only crit/comment i have really is - the bin is really 3D, the shadows are really 3d, but the van is really 2d. :/ Everything else looks perfect. i like how you've used black outlines on bg but not the chars.
browneyedwingly @ Sunday, June 17th 2007, 10:00 PM
Nifty. ^^ I would have gone blind trying to do that... so kudos :)
Mastermind @ Tuesday, June 26th 2007, 4:07 PM
this is sooooo cool, really awesome! looks like hard work :o

[1676] [Comment] Artist: Coral | Title: No Title | Time: 5h 22m
Pic #1425

[View Animation]
Coral @ Saturday, June 16th 2007, 6:22 PM
Experimenting with back lighting.

Went back and touched up the folds in her dress- I dont know if I made it better or worse.

ELG: The small hands were a stylistic choice :)
Evil Lawn Gnome @ Saturday, June 16th 2007, 9:18 AM
:3 Like your pieces. Loooove the eyes and coloring, facial proportions, and hair :3.

I notice that your hands seem like they're a bit small... though it might just be a stylistic thing?
Also, the wrinkles in clothing look like they're almost (almost!) random. Like where she's grabbing at her dress, the wrinkle beneath it probably wouldn't be going against the pull?
mixel @ Sunday, June 17th 2007, 6:04 AM
I like what you've done with the lighting, but think you might've stuck to tightly to making the lights go by the lines rather than the form of her body.. It could look more 3D.. But its still a really nice effect. ^^

I really like the textures too
browneyedwingly @ Sunday, June 17th 2007, 10:04 PM
Nifty. I like the bg.

Kinda reminds me of Witch Hunter Robin a lil. ^^

[1668] [Comment] Artist: Miss Jiffy | Title: So Addictive | Time: 2h 19m
Pic #1419

[View Animation]
Miss Jiffy @ Thursday, June 14th 2007, 11:47 PM
Edit: Think I fixed the thumb and the shoulder? But for some reason I can not figure out WHAT THE HECK is wrong with that nose. there is something wrong...but I can't figure out how to fix it. TT____TT It's making me insane.

I'm rather proud of this one. ;] Not to sound cocky or anything, but I like it...for once. My favorite is the smoke/background. Haha for some reason. I think it looks almost like a dragon's body or something! Dunno...ignore that comment. D:

Another picture of my character Hikaru. Her eyes are yellow because she's...hungry...haha blood, yummy.

I REALLY can't think of a decent description. &gt;__&gt;;; Gah. Oh, I'm going back later to fix a few things that are making me mad right now. The nose and head. If you see anything else that is extremely bad or noticable tell me before I go back to fix those things. xD Haha...indeed.

Oh it fits the theme because Hikaru = my love and love = smoking and cancerous lungs. :] Don't smoke. It's nasty and kills you and people around you! YAH!
Evil Lawn Gnome @ Thursday, June 14th 2007, 11:31 PM
Hm, might just be the angle of it, but I think the part at the shoulder/bicep looks a little off--- but like I said, it just might be the angle.

Then again, that angle is difficult to begin with e.e;.

I think the only other crit I have is that the thumb for the left hand looks a bit unnatural? Just, the placement of the joints seem too close together.

Other than that :P Excellent picture, per-usual :D. It IS an awesome background, simple but it gets the job done (like a PBJ sandwich :D). Love. The hair.

[1661] [Comment] Artist: Miss Jiffy | Title: Fye | Time: 55m 2s
Pic #1413

[View Animation]
Miss Jiffy @ Wednesday, June 13th 2007, 8:32 PM
Not my best...omg, totally not my best. I really don't like it all that much. But it was a boredom freer or whatever. Agh, I've been swallowed by the evil thing that is fan-art. :[ I am ashamed, truly I am, but I couldn't help myself.

Just finished reading the most recent TRC chapters...cause I lost track like a year ago. XD And oh my goodness, the manga turned DARK! Haha I thought it was insane! But it made me love it even more so.

Anyways, so I drew my favorite character Fye. He's always so emo...I've realized that while reading. Jeez he's emo. But I love him to death, always have, not just because what happened to him. Hah. He's always cracked me up. I just wish they'd make season 3 of the anime with these chapters in them, so much action and drama! Doubt it though...since it's much more dark than the other seasons. &gt;&gt;; Boo.

Crits are discouraged. NOT BECAUSE I THINK I'M ALL THAT. But because I was trying to imitate CLAMP's style...and so it's not my own, henceforth don't care for enhancing it...I care about my own style only. XD So don't take my discouragement the wrong way. I can probably point out all the problems right now...specially the nasty lines. D:

So there ya have it. Enjoy, or don't.
Evil Lawn Gnome @ Wednesday, June 13th 2007, 9:44 PM
I like it... XD I love white hair, too e.e

(Edited on June 13, 2007, 9:44 pm)
Miss Jiffy @ Wednesday, June 13th 2007, 9:56 PM
Thank you. XD It's actually light blonde...but the lighting I guess makes it look white.

TRC stands for Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. It's a manga by CLAMP that I'm really into. x3
Evil Lawn Gnome @ Wednesday, June 13th 2007, 11:10 PM
;_; I try not to get into Manga that makes you pay to read it XDDD

D: it's more expensive than crack! (Or so I'm told XD)
Miss Jiffy @ Wednesday, June 13th 2007, 11:34 PM
:] You don't have to pay...if you know the secrets of scanlations. Hahaha...I read like 20 chapters today with those things...
Saffron @ Thursday, June 14th 2007, 3:01 PM
Clamp? Hmm, maybe you shouldn't draw noses like you normally do then. It's too realistic, and the shading is always about the same. But hang on to that hair, because it's great ^^ Is that blood? the poor thing.
Evil Lawn Gnome @ Thursday, June 14th 2007, 5:08 PM
XD that works... I get addicted to online manga... ;__; much easier to find, too.... rawr :3 Now that you mentioned it being a light blond, I can kind of see the yellow tint to it ; ;. I can keep pretending though :'D.

&gt;_&gt;, Also, Saff:
"Crits are discouraged. NOT BECAUSE I THINK I'M ALL THAT. But because I was trying to imitate CLAMP's style...and so it's not my own, henceforth don't care for enhancing it...I care about my own style only."

That actually makes me happy, re-reading that excerpt. :D I'm glad you're not out to copy any styles, so many artists do it these days that they get lost in the background and lack originality. Hard to stand out when you try to blend in.
Miss Jiffy @ Thursday, June 14th 2007, 5:35 PM
Thank you ELG for pointing that out. Heh...I thought if I did I would be a bitch or something. And I don't like people mad at me. :'[

Haha yeah...I've trying so hard lately to make my own style. Since I was one of those unfortunates to start off on Sailor Moon clones. D: I hate myself for that. XD
mixel @ Friday, June 15th 2007, 11:12 AM
I think Saff just meant that the nose doesnt look like a Clamp nose, not that it was wrong.. So it didnt fall under "dont crit because its not my style - its clamps" - because it wasnt clamps. XD

Saying that, I like it this way nonetheless lol, I think i prefer 3D noses to stock manga noses!

[1647] [Comment] Artist: Saffron | Title: Black ribbon girl? | Time: 1h 14m
Pic #1402

ShiPainter Pro
[View Animation]
Saffron @ Wednesday, June 13th 2007, 4:25 PM
Look, I drew something here! ^^

They won't let me draw on Cimetery Oekaki anymore. First they deleted all user accounts and then they rejected me, twice! French bastards...
Saffron @ Tuesday, June 12th 2007, 7:30 PM
Why didn't it save as png? *unhappy*
Miss Jiffy @ Tuesday, June 12th 2007, 11:08 PM
Cimetery is an advanced oekaki board, don't be angry they rejected you. x3 I was on there before they erased accounts, then I found this place and felt more comfortable here.

Anyways, this is cute. The only thing that looks off is her's almost nonexistent. Make the chin line connect to her ear...I think it makes the jaw look nonexistent, in return making the chin look that way.

I suck at explaining things &gt;&gt;;;
mixel @ Wednesday, June 13th 2007, 7:57 AM
i havent a clue why it picks PNG for some pics and JPG for others.. its lossless if you view the animation at least. :)

This is cute.. I dunno about the chin/jaw stuff, maybe the eye on our left is too far to the left? Who knows!
Saffron @ Wednesday, June 13th 2007, 10:58 AM
Okay, I've corrected the errors I thought were errors. The eyebrow line and chin line were too short and I colored outside of the lines at some places. I don't think the chin is too small, it's what makes it cute, and a whole portion of the ear is behind the hair.

I think it turns it into jpg if the lossless file size is bigger than some value (100 kB?), because you used smooth water coloring or something.
Mastermind @ Wednesday, June 13th 2007, 12:49 PM
awww~ she is so cuuuuute ^w^
i like that the outlines are thicker than general ^^
Saffron @ Wednesday, June 13th 2007, 4:19 PM
Think they'll like this enough to have me back at Cimetery? o.O
Hm I think I gave them the wrong url, oops :P
Saffron @ Thursday, June 21st 2007, 3:15 PM
@elli, by using the pen tool in shi-painter pro. Hm I didn't have the tablet sensitivity tool installed when I drew this. It could just work now, it makes the lines nicer. Be sure to finish that unfinished picture of yours! ^^

[1654] [Comment] Artist: Mastermind | Title: iPod Kakashi XD | Time: 31m 54s
Pic #1408

ShiPainter Pro
Mastermind @ Wednesday, June 13th 2007, 3:12 PM
I kinda always wanted to do it and as I saw this pic from GingerAle it reminded me of it :lol: :P
as you see I was to lazy to draw some new outlines so I used those from my pre-pic XD

..goarrr totaly forgot to post XD~
browneyedwingly @ Thursday, June 14th 2007, 4:39 PM
*girlish squeal* I love it ^^ w00t

[1655] [Comment] Artist: Coral | Title: No Title | Time: 22h 39m
Pic #1409

[View Animation]
Coral @ Wednesday, June 13th 2007, 3:02 PM
A girl in front of some broken pillars.
Saffron @ Wednesday, June 13th 2007, 3:31 PM
Neat coloring ^_^
Mastermind @ Wednesday, June 13th 2007, 3:32 PM
oh WOW! this is pretty cool! much work in it :o
i have great respect for people who take their time to make a naturalistic background!!! so u have it as well.
for myself i'm way too lazy for it (goarrrr... i hate my laziness :mad:)
i like very much the colors, it's bright and shiny and kinda makes a good mood ^-^"
my only crit: the position of her head, IMO it supposed to be more to the right and maybe a bit smaller ^^'
browneyedwingly @ Wednesday, June 13th 2007, 9:33 PM
Nifty! ^^ I like the colour you chose for the line work. It makes it very bright :)
mixel @ Thursday, June 14th 2007, 6:03 PM
This is really pretty, good to see you again. ^^ Always appreciate interesting styles.

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