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All topics are acceptable. Draw what you like!

1) Effort: Put effort into your pictures. Quick scribbles risk being deleted. All art should take time, or look complete. Deletions are up to the moderation team - you might not agree with their decisions, but they are final.

2) Adult Art: Mark adult or mature rated pictures with the adult tag. Nudity is acceptable, pornography is not. Overstep the mark and your pic will be deleted. Blatant disregard of these rules will result in a ban.

3) Unfinished Pics: "Unfinished" pics are no longer welcome on the main boards, there is a system for unfinished pictures and saftey saves. When you upload your picture there is a drop down menu for keeping the picture in a hidden area for up to 30 days. Note the difference between a sketch (ok) and a picture you intend to develop further on this board. (not ok, you should probably post it when it's done.)

4) Spam: Posting too many (3?) pictures in succession may be considered spamming, and action will be taken. In periods of little to no traffic this rule won't apply.

5) Respect: Be respectful to the other Artists When commenting and posting images. If you don't want people to criticise your work please say in your picture's comment. Constructive criticism is encouraged. Respect other artists by not posting someone else's work, and noting the use of someone else's characters.

6) Deleted Pics: Generally when a pic is deleted you'll be posted an explanation. It may depend how obviously you've broken the rules. We always keep a backup of deleted pictures. So if you want to continue work on one contact the admin. (also a good way to show you're dedicated to finishing a piece)

7) Uploaded Pictures Uploaded pictures should be drawn with tools similar to the oekaki applets. This means; No 3D renders, photos etc.


The moderation team decide what will be archived. The archives are for pictures we love for one reason or another.

The archival process is not objective - there's NO point asking to be archived.

Any art related to Creeping Me Out Is likely to be archived (natch). It will also be archived in the CMO Fanart Gallery.

  Important Notes  

There is a picture limit - Only the archives are permanently stored online. When the board reaches it's limit (~10000) it will start overwriting the earliest pictures!

Accounts that have never posted and are inactive for a year are automatically deleted!

Enjoy your stay! If you have any questions at all please contact Mixel or the other mods and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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