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Miss Jiffy @ Friday, November 30th 2007, 9:31 PM
Ra says lolz at joo.

I was playing around in OpenCanvas today. I LOVE IT SOMEONE BUY IT FOR ME. XD Kidding...I got a trial version and I fell in love. I got a better picture from using OC but it's up on DA...thought it was too disgustingly adorable to post here. It'd ruin my reputation.

(Like I have one...phsh.)

(Uploaded by Miss Jiffy)
mixel @ Saturday, December 1st 2007, 5:41 AM
Alias Sketchbook Pro and ArtRage are also worth giving a try. :) And Corel Painter! (although Painter annoys me, lol) So many nice art apps.

Saying that, Photoshop CS3 in the right hands can work pretty much the same as any of them, it's just takes a while to set up right. And it's expensive. :D

This is purdy - i really like the strokes in his hair. ^^