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[1652] [Comment] Artist: Mastermind | Title: Hot Summer! Cool Water! | Time: 1h 15m
Pic #1407

ShiPainter Pro
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Mastermind @ Wednesday, June 13th 2007, 11:13 AM
kakashi: yeeeeeeppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie!!! *jump*

it's been a long time since i've drawn an oekaki :/
so... this is kida comeback-picture :D
hope u like it ^^
Miss Jiffy @ Wednesday, June 13th 2007, 11:45 AM
Awww that's adorable. Makes me want to take a swim.

For once I have no real crits for a picture on here. XD You've got your anatomy down pretty well, something I need to work on. :[

Very nice job. &lt;3 And I love his right foot (our left) for some reason. XDD
browneyedwingly @ Wednesday, June 13th 2007, 1:10 PM
Hehe, I'm jealous of him... and your paintin' skills! :P
Darryl @ Wednesday, June 13th 2007, 4:29 PM
I wanna go swimmin' now. nice colours :D

[1632] [Comment] Artist: Darryl | Title: Darryl lvl 17 Seal Clubber | Time: 5h 3m
Pic #1388

Darryl @ Thursday, June 7th 2007, 1:24 AM

Okay, so this is my Kingdom of loathing character Darryl. She was a he until I found the Doctor at the back of the sleazy back alley who offered todo a sex change for 500 meat! I now know why it was so discount…
Equipment &amp; Areas in background ©
Equipment: Miner's Hat, meatspout Staff, Leather Chaps, &amp; 3x Lucky Rabbit's feet.
mixel @ Thursday, June 7th 2007, 1:27 AM
S/he's SCARING ME!!!

Put that.. err.. stick.. Away!!
browneyedwingly @ Thursday, June 7th 2007, 1:38 AM
See kids, this is what plastic surgery gone wrong looks like! :P
Darryl @ Thursday, June 7th 2007, 2:55 AM
WOOT! like 5 minutes ago I Ascended :D no more man boobs.
PS: Happy Dependece Day Everyone :D, Enjoy your Bor 4th.
Mastermind @ Wednesday, June 13th 2007, 1:27 PM
that's just way to freaky (in a good way, i think) *ROFL*
u made me laugh so much! XD

[1627] [Comment] Artist: Miss Jiffy | Title: Mucha | Time: 2h 52m
Pic #1383

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Miss Jiffy @ Wednesday, June 6th 2007, 3:56 PM
I felt like killing myself for starting this darned thing. I thought it'd be all cool and stuff, but I had a shaky hand for some reason and I just got so upset and almost killed something. &gt;&gt;;;;

But anyways, I really really LOVE Alfons Mucha's work, which is in the Art Nouveau movement. His stuff is so stylish and pretty. It's really really pretty art, but I didn't do him justice. :[ I kinda threw my own style in there too I guess...specially with the background, cause I wouldn't put up with doing his intricate styled stuff. XD

This picture was kind of my inspiration

See? Didn't do the guy justice. I can never be as awsome as him. D:&lt; Sometimes I hate the truth about art. Gosh.

Enjoy what you can. XD I AM NOT GOING BACK ON THIS! I promised myself I wouldn't...cause I swear I might go mad.
mixel @ Tuesday, June 5th 2007, 10:05 PM
Mucha was a total god! And.. you dont have to go back much but i do see two *tiny* things to tweak - two black bits in the hair outline, center canvas and some on the hairline/forehead.

We have a big Mucha mirror here in the living room. ^^ I love art nouveau.. Excellent choice.

Crazy good tone work on the face too.
Mastermind @ Wednesday, June 13th 2007, 1:36 PM
i do really LOVE this stuff u always make in the background!
and: nice pic, i like it ^-^

[1618] [Comment] Artist: Chris | Title: Where Have You Gone? | Time: 5h 40m
Pic #1376

[View Animation]

Chris @ Wednesday, June 6th 2007, 3:56 PM
Timmer always lies.

Anyways, randomness rules!!!
Evil Lawn Gnome @ Tuesday, June 5th 2007, 6:17 PM
Welcome to t he board =).

Nice style, also, I'm liking the text X3 looks so neat.
browneyedwingly @ Tuesday, June 5th 2007, 7:17 PM
Oooh nice ^^ Welcome indeed :)
Miss Jiffy @ Tuesday, June 5th 2007, 8:08 PM
Awww that's sad...but sweet at the same time. x3

You did a good job on this! The only thing that bothers me is the hand...I'm not really sure WHAT but it seems strange...if I figure it out I'll tell you. Haha.

Otherwise, nice work. :]
mixel @ Tuesday, June 5th 2007, 10:00 PM
Excellent style! looking forward to seeing more!
Chris @ Thursday, June 7th 2007, 7:50 PM
Thank you! :)

[1628] [Comment] Artist: Evil Lawn Gnome | Title: Joker | Time: 1h 19m
Pic #1384

Evil Lawn Gnome @ Wednesday, June 6th 2007, 3:56 PM
Both themes... stole kurotou's style... well, tried to.

x.,x I don't see how they can do this in about half an hour or less, WITH a mouse D:!!!
Miss Jiffy @ Tuesday, June 5th 2007, 5:28 PM
Haha I your's more. :/ Haha I'm gonna get beaten up though. *shivers and hides behind her fat cat*

I love his eyes, so big and blue and crazy. :] He got kinda messy with his hot dog huh? Too much ketchup? I can give him a napkin.

I'll stop now. XD But yeah, I like it, though the hair could have done with more shading like on the different pieces, but it's not that noticeable.

Good job. :] Now I'm gonna go kill myself trying to do this art nouveau one. &gt;&gt;;;
browneyedwingly @ Tuesday, June 5th 2007, 7:18 PM
nifty! Makes me think of that movie "It" (at least the red around the mouth does)
mixel @ Tuesday, June 5th 2007, 9:59 PM
Eexcellent. XD I wonder what they'll make of it!

I like the shininess onthe hair too.

[1620] [Comment] Artist: always tuesday | Title: a lifelong walk to the exact same spot | Time: 46m 8s
Pic #1378

[View Animation]
always tuesday @ Wednesday, June 6th 2007, 3:55 PM
due to my own severe paranoia
and rediculous vanity.
i'm leaving.
for a while.
until a get a tablet.
and can maybe amount to something decent in my own opinion.
contradictory to what some of you have told me.
which i do appreciate.
bye now!
Miss Jiffy @ Sunday, June 3rd 2007, 7:20 PM
You're a loser. :[ *tear*


Haha yes, you are paranoid, cause I dunno where you get the idea you stated before, cause everyone loves you. D:&lt;

But if you must, I will say do it, if it makes you feel better...I'll miss you a lot. But you better not leave deviant ART or I REALLY MIGHT think you're truly a true loser. Hahaha.

And the art, cute. XD Cause I felt bad if I didn't comment the art...cause it's cute and silly. Shrooms...hahaha I bet that's a pot leaf! *hugs you*
mixel @ Sunday, June 3rd 2007, 11:00 PM
You're more than decent, you're by far and away one of the best (and most appreciated) artists. TBH few people post such consistently high quality art.

Evidently you don't need a tablet to be good really, and i hope your paranoia doesn't in any way cover me or the other admins. ^^

Crises of confidence suck, and they always seem to happen to the wrong people, lol. You would be missed!

[1619] [Comment] Artist: Miss Jiffy | Title: Tutorial! | Time: 1h 19m
Pic #1377

[View Animation]
Miss Jiffy @ Wednesday, June 6th 2007, 3:55 PM
Just a little tutorial on how I do my oekakis. It's a crappy example but I hope it helps somehow. I may do another one later depending on what you guys want to see...and I feel up to it. xD

Sorry for the ugly end peice...that's what you get with a tutorial. Alright?

This only works for Paint BBS I think...

Edit: Oh yes! Found a REALLY good reference site for frustrating poses. REALLY REALLY HELPFUL!

And you guys are crazy for archiving this. XDD Once again I feel so happy you did, but you're still crazy. Hahaha. I'm glad it is helpful though! That's why I did help. Too bad I couldn't put in everything I wanted to put. ^^;;

(Edited on June 3, 2007, 7:05 pm)
Evil Lawn Gnome @ Sunday, June 3rd 2007, 6:26 PM
Excellent tutorial.

mixel @ Sunday, June 3rd 2007, 6:44 PM
Two thumbs up. :D Really great, helpful work.
browneyedwingly @ Sunday, June 3rd 2007, 7:04 PM
ugly end piece? HAH! Ugly my ass. :P Great tutorial as well
mixel @ Thursday, June 7th 2007, 1:38 AM
You draw one handed I imagine? Draw your other hand. A lot. That's the best way to learn. :lol: (make sure to draw what is there, and not what you think a hand should look like)

Otherwise, take photos of your hand posed, and paint from reference - it's the easiest way to make sure it comes out right.

Apologies if you're an amputee or something, oops.

[1609] [Comment] Artist: Darryl | Title: Eugene 'The Plague' Belford | Time: 3h 17m
Pic #1369

[View Animation]
Darryl @ Wednesday, June 6th 2007, 3:50 PM
Come Dade Murphy, join me and together we will somehow rule the world, I haven't quiet worked out the mechanics on this plan but you know I' sure we can make it work with our 68k Macs and Pentiums

Lamest Villian EVER, But i love that movie so. Hackers ©1995
Evil Lawn Gnome @ Sunday, June 3rd 2007, 10:11 AM
lol :D
Miss Jiffy @ Sunday, June 3rd 2007, 10:19 AM
I think we watched that movie in web design...but I was goofing around on the computer and only caught bits of it. XD

Anyways, you're details are always so crazy! Awesome work, I love the coloring too, and the background is awesome!

And is that a skateboard on his back? ;p
browneyedwingly @ Sunday, June 3rd 2007, 12:15 PM
Hehe, I remember that movie... It seems like forever ago since I've seen it though :P

I love how the bg has that motherboard feel to it ^^ nice
Darryl @ Sunday, June 3rd 2007, 1:04 PM
background stuff is all from the Cover of Case.
Zerocool Hacks macs. HACK THE PLANET.
browneyedwingly @ Monday, June 4th 2007, 12:24 PM
haha... fine then you don't get any credit for its coolness :P

[1614] [Comment] Artist: Miss Jiffy | Title: Ariel | Time: 1h 41m
Pic #1373

[View Animation]

Miss Jiffy @ Wednesday, June 6th 2007, 3:00 PM
Shoot...I WAS going to wait for another I wasn't spamming or whatever. But I have nothing better to do at the moment. :[

For the steal a style theme. DISNEY IS A STYLE! I say it is, so it is. XD

Blah...something different for me again...I like it though. o___o; Hehe...
Darryl @ Saturday, June 2nd 2007, 7:29 PM
Curse you afrotech, you have ruined the pure and good disney character of Ariel with your filth T_T.

This isn't Spam, 3 pics on one day is spam, unless they are like 4 hours each, that would be epic. (not counting retouches)

Nice coloured shading =D &amp; flowing underwater hair.

(Edited on June 2, 2007, 7:38 pm)
mixel @ Saturday, June 2nd 2007, 7:49 PM
Not spam when it kicks ass basically, the spamming rules are to stop people posting too fast without putting effort in really, which sets a bad example etc. This is nice though..

And really good style borrowing - Very nice use of non-straight colour ramps too, especially in the hair - i've actually been learning quite a lot from how you colour stuff as it's got me starting to experiment with ramps more. :D
browneyedwingly @ Saturday, June 2nd 2007, 10:18 PM
^^ That kicks ass. I knew who it was instantaneously :) Love it love it... Did I mention that I love it?

[1606] [Comment] Artist: Miss Jiffy | Title: I bet you can't keep up with those fashionistas. | Time: 2h 7m
Pic #1367

[View Animation]
Miss Jiffy @ Wednesday, June 6th 2007, 3:00 PM
Oh my goodness, what is this? Did Jiffy do a semi-full body picture? I think I almost peed my pants.

Yea I was doodling in my sketchbook and this did...and I was like I wanna do an oekaki of it, well it looks better in my sketchbook! BUT NONETHELESS!

Something different from me I guess. I was dead for the background so I threw something up on it. I want her tank top. :[

And I WAS gonna make it just line art and let someone else color it, but since it's my character Hikaru, I didn't want anyone to mess up the colors of her. Hahaha...hah.. -__-;

On another note...firefox has spell check, what the heck?

And cheers to who can guess where the title is from. :]

Edit: I THINK I fixed the hand...if it shows the fixed image..D: *doesn't see it* If it doesn't I might cry.
browneyedwingly @ Friday, June 1st 2007, 6:10 PM
oooh. nicely nicely. I love how you've done the highlights in the hair and her expression as well :) her left hand looks painful! Haha, I know that it's correct, I guess it's just one of those awkward positions :P
mixel @ Friday, June 1st 2007, 10:08 PM
"Oh my goodness, what is this? Did Jiffy do a semi-full body picture? I think I almost peed my pants."

ME TOO.. *archived*

Corsets + Redheads + Crazy good tone work = ftw.

Only area of potential weirdness(i can see at least) is the forearm and thumb on our right.. But I'm not sure how to fix it - im craptactular with limbs, just trial and error until something reads properly. The other arm/hand by contrast is exceptional.

ed: lol i didnt even read BEW's post above me, my bad..

(Edited on June 1, 2007, 10:51 pm)
Miss Jiffy @ Friday, June 1st 2007, 10:13 PM
o___o *faints* Thank you! Wow! That's such an honor...geez. *hugs you* I'm so glad you like it that much! Totally made my...midnight. Hah...I should be sleeping.

And yeah, I had so many problems with that hand. XD I'll probably go back and fix it tomorrow some time. Cause I know what you guys are talking about. Hahaha. Thanks for pointing it out.

Edit: Thought I might let everyone know my stupidity. I think I just now found out what ftw 2:30 in the morning due to my insomnia. HAH! I'm a loser.
mixel @ Saturday, June 2nd 2007, 12:35 AM
I used to think it was wtf backwards, but no.. Tis a good thing. Sorry, I shouldn't use so much internetty abbreviations, i tend to forget not everyone's an ubergeek.

Darryl is though. &gt;:D
Darryl @ Saturday, June 2nd 2007, 2:08 AM
1TB NAS!!!
This picture is wonderful, :D Lovely shading on hair and texture on that dress. I didn't notice the hand until I read the comments. Its very lovely, did I say that already, oh well.
browneyedwingly @ Saturday, June 2nd 2007, 2:28 PM
Ooh, ye fixed the hand. It looks much less awkward now :) kudos ^^

[1602] [Comment] Artist: browneyedwingly | Title: *shrug* | Time: 1h 47m
Pic #1363

ShiPainter Pro
[View Animation]
browneyedwingly @ Friday, June 1st 2007, 3:51 PM
just playin' around.
Miss Jiffy @ Friday, June 1st 2007, 5:50 PM
It's that girl! ;D

Anyways, very cool. The thing that bothers me is the shirt's lines, they should curve with her body, ya know? I know it's the texture thingy that they have in shi-painter, but it's just distracting to me...but then again that's just me. Haha..

Pretty neat otherwise. :] And yay for bubbly background! XD
browneyedwingly @ Friday, June 1st 2007, 6:12 PM
yeah, I know. :P the shirt just looked really blah, and so I decided to play with the texture a bit. Like I said, just playin' around. :)
mixel @ Friday, June 1st 2007, 10:11 PM
yay! nice texture-work.. I like the vertical lines, they have a sorta pop-arty texture shorthand effect. The play between the pink and blue is nice too. ^^

[1604] [Comment] Artist: RoboTribble | Title: Antagonist RoboTribble | Time: 59m 12s
Pic #1365

[View Animation]
RoboTribble @ Friday, June 1st 2007, 12:32 PM
Whoo, look who came back after like, forever!
And yeah, I drew myself as a bad guy for several reasons:
-I'm a mutant zombie freak.
-I kill things.
-I'm not nice to people.
-If I had Super Powers, I would NOT use them for good.

So yeah.
Miss Jiffy @ Friday, June 1st 2007, 5:48 PM
That's adorable. XD I love the cigarette, it looks really cool! And those freckles are just awesome, as is the hair...looks all poofy and soft.

The only thing that bothers is me is the eye, (our) right. It looks like it is over to the side too much...instead of where it should be? I dunno though, that's the only thing I see really. x3

Nice job!

[1586] [Comment] Artist: Darryl | Title: Sheepish Cheesecake | Time: 8h 26m
Pic #1349

[View Animation]
Darryl @ Thursday, May 31st 2007, 7:54 PM
Bright backgrounds and white pixel by pixel outlines = Um jammer boobs burned into eyes.

Edit: Notes in animation are... messed xD
always tuesday @ Thursday, May 31st 2007, 8:02 PM
you never cease to amaze me with your attention to detail.
also, great perspective.
all though there may be soemthing wrong with the leg closest to the viewer, everything else looks basically perfect.
nice job. :0 &lt;3&lt;3&lt;3
mixel @ Thursday, May 31st 2007, 8:07 PM
mmmmmmm.. Jammer Lammy..

Look up in the sky, gimme all you got, Never give it up, Soldier!

.. UJL is probably in my top 10 games of all time. @_@ That's pretty messed up.
browneyedwingly @ Friday, June 1st 2007, 1:05 AM
Looks nice. The shadinag turned out really well. ^^ I'm lovin the background :) ... that and I want those shoes.

[1591] [Comment] Artist: Evil Lawn Gnome | Title: Meh | Time: 24m 38s
Pic #1353
(Click to enlarge)

[View Animation]
Evil Lawn Gnome @ Thursday, May 31st 2007, 1:27 PM
:s Crit is greatly discouraged.

I promise I'll draw something better next time.

&gt;_&gt;; also, meant to have lots of open space :s.

(Edited on May 31, 2007, 1:35 pm)
browneyedwingly @ Thursday, May 31st 2007, 2:17 PM
Well I don't have any crit! it's really pretty. Sad but pretty :) I like the solitary lily
mixel @ Thursday, May 31st 2007, 3:07 PM
Meh indeed. :( No crit, obviously. I'm glad you posted this, but i won't go into detail.
Vicktory @ Thursday, May 31st 2007, 3:26 PM
It looks rather meaningful.
If you're feeling depressed, I hope you feel better. If not, I'm sorry I jumped to that conclusion.
Evil Lawn Gnome @ Thursday, May 31st 2007, 3:32 PM
;3 Thank you for your comments.

Yeah... ^..,^; I'm feeling better every day, thanks :).
always tuesday @ Thursday, May 31st 2007, 7:52 PM
mmmm i miss your lovin'. ;n;
i hope you feel better. &lt;3&lt;3&lt;3
the picture is nice, and emotion is portrayed pretty easily.
well done.
Evil Lawn Gnome @ Thursday, May 31st 2007, 8:59 PM
lol, yeah, it's a moose... :]

[1587] [Comment] Artist: browneyedwingly | Title: No Title | Time: 2h 54m
Pic #1350

ShiPainter Pro
[View Animation]
browneyedwingly @ Thursday, May 31st 2007, 12:58 PM
No lines ^^ and a lazy bg :P

(timer's off by a bit. I was chit chattin' while drawing this one)

(Edited on May 31, 2007, 12:58 pm)
mixel @ Thursday, May 31st 2007, 8:00 PM
^^ v nice "non-standard" (in a good way) profile. I like when people experiment with no lines too.. She has lots of character, wouldn't mind seeing more of her.
mixel @ Thursday, May 31st 2007, 10:58 PM
I'm beginning to think comment counts are entirely random or in the hands of bizarro-gods.
Miss Jiffy @ Thursday, May 31st 2007, 11:21 PM
Eyyou- that's what I thought...and then I got distracted and went off to do other stuff. XD

This is nice. I love the texture of her skin, ya know? Only problem I see is that her nose looks really sharp, you might wanna round it down a little, and the background looks kinda messy.

Otherwise it's beautiful. And not very typical either, which is awesome. Keep it up! I'd like seeing more of this type of stuff.
browneyedwingly @ Friday, June 1st 2007, 1:10 AM
Thanks ^^ And yes the bg is sloppy. I got done with her and thought "crap it needs a bg" :P

I actually started out wanting to do a portrait of someone from Pirates III but thought, NAH. ^^ I'm glad I strayed

[1579] [Comment] Artist: mixel | Title: Coloured | Time: 57m 38s
Pic #1342

mixel @ Thursday, May 31st 2007, 4:03 AM
Coloured, because i can.. Didn't want to overwrite the grayscale one though.

ed: fixed pixelation!

ed: fixed chin. :D
Miss Jiffy @ Wednesday, May 30th 2007, 3:57 PM
This sounds really wrong...but for some reason I love those breasts/boobs...XDD!! I dunno...I;&gt;;;

I also like the neck, where you can see the whatever it is that always sticks out when you move your head...(I don't know any bone names and muscular names...haha.)

The lips look pixely at the top that just the line above it that makes it look like? (Sorry if I don't make sense.)

I'm coloring this! I really am! XD
mixel @ Wednesday, May 30th 2007, 4:57 PM
:D Thanks for the pixel-lips comment, I think I've fixed it now, cleaned up a couple of other pixelly areas too. (might need a refresh before new version displays)

Looking forward to more of her. ^^
always tuesday @ Wednesday, May 30th 2007, 6:46 PM
i think this looks fantastic.
great shading and good texture.
i do have an issue with a couple of shaded areas around her chin, but that's about the only problem i really see right off.
otherwise, this is just fantastic.
AS USUAL. &gt;:'C
browneyedwingly @ Wednesday, May 30th 2007, 7:46 PM
oooh la la ^^ Both versions look lovely but I think this is my favourite.
mixel @ Thursday, May 31st 2007, 4:11 AM
Bait: Me Too. ^^

Tuesday: Thanks muchly, i noticed them being more weird looking on the coloured than line version, i've fixed in the latest edit.

BEW: Thanks, nice to get the comments. :)

[1585] [Comment] Artist: always tuesday | Title: mmmm emo boy makes me scream. | Time: 56m 22s
Pic #1348

[View Animation]
always tuesday @ Wednesday, May 30th 2007, 6:43 PM
with joy.

emo boy at the beach.

guess where i'm not going this summer? :'D
Darryl @ Wednesday, May 30th 2007, 7:15 PM
Man Nipples! but on a lighter note, Nice loose water effect in background.

Are you not going to Raveholm?
Miss Jiffy @ Wednesday, May 30th 2007, 10:36 PM
Haha I love his mouth...awkward, but it's true. It's all...pouty but open...blah!

XD Awsome as always.

And you're not going in my bed? &gt;;]
mixel @ Thursday, May 31st 2007, 4:23 AM
Ahh, emo boy, how i missed you. :lol:

Seriously it's good to see him after the dry patch. Hope you're well. ^^

Not wure where you're not going. I'm not going anywhere! woo.
always tuesday @ Thursday, May 31st 2007, 3:54 PM
I'D BEG TO DIFFER. :'D &lt;3

[1578] [Comment] Artist: mixel | Title: Sophie's craazy hair | Time: 1h 17m
Pic #1341

[View Animation]
mixel @ Wednesday, May 30th 2007, 12:13 PM
Hmm, lacking CMO art here, so I thought i'd do one of the vote pics on the kaki. :D Feel free to colour, though it'll probably be a bit tricky with all the black, hehe.
Verrücktheit @ Wednesday, May 30th 2007, 1:45 PM
That looks soooo effing cool!!!
I love how the hair is all flowy around her!!
mixel @ Wednesday, May 30th 2007, 1:45 PM
Quoted: To be fair I've had a few more years more practice than you. :lol:

Practice is all it takes and I'm nowhere near the level I'd like to be at - we all have stuff to work toward!

And thankyou Verruck &amp; Kelly. ^^

(Edited on May 30, 2007, 1:46 pm)
Miss Jiffy @ Wednesday, May 30th 2007, 3:41 PM
Very nice, I might color this one later, after I'm done putting up a layout to a site. XD

In fact...I WILL color it...later though...later...yes. &lt;3

[1557] [Comment] Artist: Darryl | Title: Digimon: Data Squad | Time: 8h 47m
Pic #1325

[View Animation]
Darryl @ Tuesday, May 29th 2007, 12:57 AM
Premiering in North america in the Fall 2007 Jetix Line up.
Man you can Find everything on wikipedia, even things you weren't even looking for. She reminds me of Izzy, who was awesome.

Characters Yoshino "Yoshi" Fujieda &amp; Lalamon ©2006-2007 Fuji TV, Probably Bandi, and who ever else is making Season 5 of Digimon.
browneyedwingly @ Tuesday, May 29th 2007, 9:59 AM
Nifty ^^ Those coloured lines in the bg did turn out rather nicely didn't they :)
Miss Jiffy @ Tuesday, May 29th 2007, 11:04 PM
Haha I don't like digimon, but I really like the picture. Your attention to detail is always so amazing. I'm jealous. XD

Love the background. &lt;3
always tuesday @ Wednesday, May 30th 2007, 6:48 PM
you rock my socks off and right back on.

[1554] [Comment] Artist: Miss Jiffy | Title: Blah | Time: 2h 28m
Pic #1322

[View Animation]
Miss Jiffy @ Sunday, May 27th 2007, 8:07 PM
Okay! Finished. Haha...

I've been so slumpish lately with drawing that I think I'll take a break for a week or so until I feel up to it again. :[ I you guys ever get the down feeling and are like "WHY?! Why do I even bother?" Hahaha I know it sounds stupid but...yeah...this is the only DECENT drawing I've crapped out lately. &gt;&gt;;;

Decided to go with a greenish-blue theme I guess...I think I might go back in there in a second to jazz up the eyes some more...I forgot to. Heh...blah!

Edit: Did it! xp

Enjoy? I dunno what's up with the bubble...I wanted to put it there, so whatever. XD
browneyedwingly @ Sunday, May 27th 2007, 8:20 PM
pretty. I like the contrast between the pinkish tone of her skin and the blue-green of the shading ^^
mixel @ Wednesday, May 30th 2007, 4:43 AM
Its hard to comment on your stuff sometimes as you really know what you're doing and you have a nice distinct style. So, if im quiet it's not because i'm not interested/don't like it - on the contrary. The hair here is super great, and the colour scheme is really eye-catching too, the facial structure is well defined as well.. lots of lil details, all really well done.
Miss Jiffy @ Wednesday, May 30th 2007, 3:50 PM
Browneyedwingly: Thank you. &lt;3 Haha i've been trying out different colors for shading. It's so fun to do! Sometimes I think I overdo it though...hahaha. *smacks herself*

Mixel: It's okay! I know what I'm doing? I'm not so sure about that. Hehe. But I'm glad you think so! And I'm really trying to develop my style to be more unique...I used to do big eyes anime stuff, and I've gone far with my style...I'd hope I have anyways. Lately I've been trying to do more full body stuff, cause I suck at arms and legs. &gt;&gt;;; Gah. Anyways, thank you for the comment! I'm just glad I can put my stuff up for people to see, I don't mind not getting as many comments as others...*is a lier*

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